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Next consider the asymmetrical s******t that is another complement to the high waist line.Finally, you can never go wrong with the classic pencil s******t.  Another great figure friendly s******t, they are also equally distinctive. 
This s******t is another comfort s******t as well with a loose fit below the waist.We’ve fallen in love with each of these different styles of s******ts by designer Velvet by Graham and Spencer.  Asymmetrical s******ts can range from asymmetrical seams on the s******t to asymmetrical lengths on the actual s******t itself.  The gauzy whisper cotton fabric is a lightweight cotton blended with a lycra blend to give this s******t a touch of cling.  The Hilton Peasant s******t is a great example of the ever popular tiered s******t style.  This s******t features a wide waistband that can be worn up or folded down depending on your personal preference which provides this s******t with an added versatility.Each of these s******ts are great examples of practical applications of high waisted s******ts and great options to incorporate them into your own wardrobe..  Typically a flared s******t, these s******ts have a strong feminine feel with their flared fit.  This classic s******t is the    jacquard mattress fabrics Manufacturers

summer s******t that you really can never have enough of.  The fabric is also a tencel cotton blend which gives it rayon like softness with cotton wear ability.  Best of all this s******t is the ultimate comfort s******t, it is loose and comfortable making it wearable to practically any summer event and with ballet slippers or flip flops.  The Sintia pencil s******t by Velvet features light cotton and a fitted waist that folds over at the top as an added distinction.  There are a number of different s******t styles that are en vogue this season such as the tiered peasant s******ts in a variety of different lengths, asymmetrical s******ts and even your basic pencil s******ts that never go out of style as summer staples.You may have noticed that high waisted pants and s******ts are becoming a new fashion trend this season.  This s******t features a contrasting stripe pattern and an asymmetrical seam just below the hips.  Depending on the s******t style, the high waisted s******t can be flattering and slimming and great ways to insert a little trendiness into your closet.  As you can see we price wearability above most trends, but each of these s******ts in distinctive ways are great pieces that are easily incorporated into your closet to suit your own personal style.  Our favorite example of this style is the Fanya s******t by Velvet.  The pattern shifts at this seam as well giving it a natural break and added distinction.  The long length of this s******t hitting about half way between the knee and the ankle pairs well with the high waist line and the fitted waist gives it a flattering look.  Perfect with flip flops or a blazer, this versatile s******t really is a go to all purpose piece. Available in a number of colors, you really can’t go wrong with this s******t for spring summer and frankly even in colder weather.
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